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Since 2015

From love to Japanese knives and Japan culture, two women, Ania and Kamila founded Japana in 2015. At the end of the year, second Anna joined their team with the responsibility to design Japanese inspired products for home and kitchen. At first, Japana was offering solely Japanese knives and sharpening tools. We now offer home and kitchen products and accessories and that’s just the beginning.

Female Japan: Project Japana

The source of Japana’s inspiration were Japanese knives. True, handmade Japanese knives are created in the same technique as the Samurai weapon – the famous katana.
As our fascination with Japan grew, we learned that there were also Japanese Samurai women.
Though the depiction of Samurai Warriors was traditionally male-oriented, the Onna-bugeisha (from “female martial artist”), female samurai existed and were just as fearsome. They were trained in self-defense and offensive maneuvers in the same way as men. They used weapons specially designed for women, called Naginata, to give them a better balance, given their smaller stature. For years, onna-bugeisha’s fought alongside samurai, maintained the same standards, and had the same responsibilities. They were considered extremely strong and independent women. One of the first samurai warriors was Empress Jingū, (around 169-269) who used her skills to inspire economic and social changes.

The achievements and strength of the Samurai were an inspiration to create a company for women and men, offering unique, high-quality products.

Today, Japana brand represents the Samurai bravery and connection to the purest form of nature. With Japanese knife as the core product, all of Japana products are based on three materials a knife is made of; Steel, Wood and Stone.

materials japana steel wood stone

Our brand

We wanted our brand to reflect the brave and fearless Japanese men and woman. That’s why for our logo we chose a Japanese Kamon (crest) used by the Maruni Mitsu Jugami family in the Edo period. It represents three fans used in traditional Japan by geishas and onna bugeishas. For us, it is a symbol that us, three women are behind the brand and that everything we do, must be aligned with the values these Samurais represented.

kamon crest japana brand

We created Japana brand (Female Japan as we call it) to bring Japanese aesthetics and style to homes all around the world.

japana knives selection process

A little bit more about our Japanese knives

Japanese goods are perceived as top quality and rightly so – it takes a deep trust, respect and time to develop a business relation with Japanese craftsmen. Our mission is to bring and promote their products to people who appreciate hard work and passion put into creating a Japanese knife.

We overcame many obstacles and came a long way to be able to access Japanese market. Not many of you is aware but Japanese kitchen knives market is oligarchic controlled by few big players, blocking smaller companies like us to enter and freely promote and distribute Japanese goods. This affects price and delivery timings, so nobody benefits from current situation. We care about excellent customer service and about educating our audience that behind each of our Japanese products hides great history and often, decades of sacrifice and striving for professional perfection.
Japana is not about us – it’s about their story.

We care about you, our dear customer and loyal fan, that’s why we always want to hear from you! We will strive to always bring you the best, sharpest and most unique Japanese products so every one of you can enjoy it, whoever and wherever you are in the world. Show us your support so the market can achieve better balance and you can get even better deals.

We work with some of the most talented, Japanese blacksmiths (some of whom are more than 65 years old!) who were being passed the skill from generation to the generation. The products our blacksmiths create are always handmade and always of the highest quality. It is not a mass market tool but an useful state of art.

We are honoured and humbled to work with these blacksmiths.