Kitayama #8000 Fine Grain Sharpening Stone With Nagura and Stand


Kitayama Fine Grain Sharpening Stone – #8000 is a superfinishing stone of the ultrafine abrasive used about # 8000 material high-purity alumina formulation. This beautiful whetstone comes with Nagura accessories. Fine and super fine (#3000-8000) stones will remove surface scratches created by the abrasive action of the medium stone and will polish the edge to a precision mirror-finish. A fine stone is absolutely essential to hone traditional Japanese blades.

Available within 3-10 weeks.

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Whetstones and any grinding stones are products of the most fragile nature. It is not possible to completely prevent minor fractures in the stone corners in the shipment. Despite all our efforts and despite good and meticulous packaging, there are cases where the stones come with slight fractures in their corners and edges. We therefore declare in advance that we do not take responsibility for minor fractures at the edges of the stone. In the case of courier delivery where a stone is received with a slight fracture in the corner / edge, the product will not be replaceable, nor is it necessary because it will serve you properly without any problem. We are sorry for the inability to take full responsibility for the stones, but we have a choice between this or to stop selling stones at all. We thank you for your understanding.

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