What are the best chef knives in the world?

I will obviously be biased but I will point mainly to those chefs who use Japanese knives (both Western and traditional Japanese beveled ones) .

I am not a chef but we have hundreds of professional chefs as our customers buying Japanese knives, top chefs say that for them it doesn’t matter if the knife is an expensive Japanese beauty or a cheap mainstream Global special (I omit German brands as I don’t have any experience in using them). 

Like with every product in the world, it’s marketers job to create a strong hype for certain brands or series of knives just to get more money out of you. We have chefs loving knives which cost less than 80 GBP and finding them great.
In general, we observe that Yu Kurosaki and Moritaka knives are the highest demand amongst our clients who are chefs.

Moritaka Aogami Super Gyuto 210mm

There is a general trend that professional knives like to flirt with high carbon knives, which provide better edge retention and durable sharpness, but at the same time are much higher to maintain, and these are usually the runner ups for Best Chef Knives
These are carbon steel blades and they will oxidise over time, as this is normal for this type of steel. Foodies and wanna-be chefs don’t like these knives as they easily rust if left wet.

Source: Sakai Kikumori materials, High Carbon steel (honyaki).

We used to offer very knives with beautifully crafted and designed covers (these were going for 1,3k GBP) but now we favour practical use of our knives, something which can last for a long time and serve its purpose well.

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