Ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi (also known as Kintsukuroi) literally translates as “golden joinery.” Fixing prised and valuable porcelain is nothing short of an art form in Japan. The Japanese have been using lacquering techniques for approximately 9,000 years, and this skill and art form is still valued to this day.
In today’s Japana Inspirations series we will try to show you how you can try it for yourself. You will discover that Kintsugi can be both relaxing and rewarding and you don’t necessarily need to break things (although we think that’s the most relaxing part :).

Magnetic knife holders are a great way to keep your knives at the ready and safely out of reach for your little ones. However, they’re also useful for keeping other household items organised and easy to grab. (That is, provided they’re a good amount of metal in them, such as drill bits, scissors or paperclips.) Below, we list other ideas for putting a magnetic knife strip to use in your bathroom, office, workshop, and obviously, kitchen.