Video: Watch rusty knife get cleaned & sharpened to reveal a beautifully shiny blade

We stumbled upon this video and we had to share it. This video is not only relaxing and somehow..satisfying, but also demonstrates perfect sharpening tricks.
At the start, the knife looks to be in pretty bad shape (lightly saying). It’s spotted, stained and totally rusted, but with a little tender, love, and care, the steel is coming out shining, sharp and beautiful once again.

The high carbon steel used in Japanese chef knives can be susceptible to rust when used with things like fresh fruit but in this case, the rust didn’t settle in too deep on the steel. We can’t emphasise enough how important are those tips:

壱. Don’t put your knife in a dishwasher, ever.
両者. Store your knives either on the magnetic knife strip, knife block, or sheathed in the utensil drawer.
参. Don’t slide your knife, blade down, across the cutting board to clear away what you just chopped.

Ok, enough of moaning, watch this deeply satisfying video and comment below:


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