Which Way Up To Store The Knives On Magnetic Knife Racks?

knife rack mounted wall magnet knifeblock

Although the way to store knives on magnetic rack should seem like a no-brainer, it may actually create a lot of confusion to many people.
In a wall mounted knife rack, do the knives go blade pointing up or down? It may look like it doesn’t really matter, but does it?  There are only so many ways to do this so it’s not rocket science but this is the best setup our boss Anna has found.

We tried many wall mounted magnetic racks; stainless (a no no), wooden (rustic, modern, classic) short to longer ones (we were able to find up to 50cm which is ~19”), and not being able to find the ideal one – we decided to commission designing and developing one by professionals from Japan and Europe. We didn’t save on materials – we asked for only the best wood and steel to be used. We felt that if we spend few k on knives alone, buying something more premium to show them off on the wall is a must. We hated the idea of hanging an ugly, bulk piece of metal which you can easily find on amazon and other marketplaces.

We loved our simplistic design and built – and it passed the tests in many different surroundings. In Ana’s case, she had it mounted that way as she has a small child at home, so it’s extra important for her to keep the knives out of the child’s reach. She keeps the knives handle at the bottom (pointy end up the top). Reason being when you reach up there is no danger of rubbing your hand over an edge or into the point. If she grabs the second knife on the right for instance she’s still safe on either side as long as she goes for the handle, there is no blade exposed near the fingers.

Ana sticks her knives on the rack about midway up the blade and not so close to the handle to balance it nicely. You too want more weight of the knife below the rack as this prevents the knife trying to spin from the weight of the knife.

Ana is right handed so for safety she has all her blade edges pointing to the left of the rack and she puts the longest blade on the left working back in size towards the right. Reason is that it minimised the amount of sharp edge exposed on the knife to the left of the one she may want to grab.

As knives tend to hang down lower the longer they are so in theory you should hit the top of the handle of the knife you are after before you get near the edge of the blade on the knife to the right.

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If you have your rack quite low then we’d suggest to point down and handle up.

Remember: safety first. Never reach for a knife without looking where your hand is going, you are not on a pro chef production line, take your time and enjoy your cooking and your tools. A cook with a badly cut hand can’t cook so be careful out there people.

Finally don’t overload the rack with too many knives, you want room between them for both your sake and the knives. If too crowded, you run the risk of blunting or chipping the edges by snapping one knife over the heel of another. Try to avoid buying metal mounted racks as metal on metal is always bad which is why we only stock wooden knife racks, they protect the edge better and look much neater. Buy another rack if you have that many or retire your old knives, it’s always better than damaging them.

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