Debunking Myths On Women Vs. Japanese Knives

japana girls with japanese knives

Japanese kitchen knives have a worldwide reputation for excellent quality and artistic beauty. The trouble is, there’s so much myths about their high maintenance and romance surrounding them, not to mention a bewilderingly wide range of prices and types, that it can be difficult to make a choice. The fact that all this time Japanese knives have been promoted mainly within male community doesn’t help.

Being a female-led business, we’ve started wondering why the vast majority of our clients are men. It’s not that women don’t cook 🙂 That’s why we direct this article to our fellow women, who may not be aware of the awesomeness and durability of Japanese knives. We hope this will help you to make preparing meals much more enjoyable and faster (so you can focus on ruling the world with whatever you do 🙂

It’s undeniable truth that most women are not as interested in tools for their own sake as men are. We usually don’t feel the same love to demounting and polishing . each . little . piece . of . the . car, or a drill. We praise functionality and aesthetics, not the items themselves.  Now this tendency is obviously not absolute or universal. There are many women who enjoy thinking or talking about tools such as knives. We just noticed that they are relatively few in number.

And that’s completely fine.

Because Japanese knives are both aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional. Japanese knives are great. They are superior and different in esoteric ways: some use exotic steels; some are sharpened on only one side or the other; some are hand-forged by 8th-generation blade makers who have been declared National Treasures by the Japanese government. Even if you don’t care about any of that (and of course, most men don’t either.), you should care about benefits of getting one. Not only they can last a lifetime, but they make meals preparation faster and more pleasurable. We like to compare these knives (and other products we offer) to Swiss watches. They may be a little big pricey, but they are well worth the money and you only buy it once. We praise Japanese minimalism and quality over quantity. We want to steer away from consumerism and cheap, disposable Ikea-quality products.

We (Japana founders) like to see ourselves as rational, function-focused, value-focused, and impatient. In other words, we have the mindset of getting things done and having fun (where possible) along the way. Japanese knives help us with that.

japana japanese knives

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