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Where East meets West, our contemporary apparel brand draws inspiration from Japanese heritage, effortlessly combining function with design.

Japanese knives and kimono 

From love to Japanese knives and Japan culture, two women, Ania and Kamila founded Japana in early 2016. The source of inspiration were Japanese knives. Beautifully handcrafted Japanese kitchen knives are made using the same technique as when hammering Samurai weapon. As our fascination with Japan grew, we learned about Japanese Samurai women’s existence.

Our company’s logo incorporates a Japanese kamon (crest) emblem from the Edo period, representing three fans used by onna-bugeisha (noble female warriors relatively unknown outside of Asia and anime).

For years, onna-bugeisha fought alongside male samurai, maintained the same standards, and had the same responsibilities. They were considered extremely strong and independent women.

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Female Japan: Project Japana

We created the Japana brand – or as we call it, ‘Female Japan’ – to bring Japanese aesthetics, flair and values to European homes. Today, Japana brand represents the Samurai bravery and connection to the purest form of nature. Japana products are based on three materials a knife is made of; steel, wood and stone. They are complemented with other homeware, kitchenware and apparel products created from the finest natural fabrics and materials.

In creating a link between contemporary European lifestyle and Japanese heritage, we are proud and honoured to represent each and every one of the makers we work with. With a commitment to exclusive design, unparalleled craftsmanship and high quality, we are delighted to offer you curated unique homeware, kitchenware and apparel pieces that mix functionality with flair.

We hope you will fall in love with their stories.

Arigatou gozaimasu,
Japana founders