Where East meets West, our contemporary brand draws inspiration from Japanese heritage and nature, effortlessly combining function with design. Our apparel line reflects just that – Western trends (洋服 yōfuku) blended with Japanese design (和服 wafuku) make our pieces unforgettable and unique. Japana apparel has been pushing the envelope of style from its start, creating amazing, high-quality products just out of sight of the masses.

The Japanese are often recognised for their traditional art and its capability of transforming simplicity into creative designs. Fan shapes turn out to be waves, waves metamorphose into mountains; simple knots are bird wings; wobbly semicircles signify half-submerged Heian period carriage wheels. These art forms have been transferred onto fabric that then mold into clothing. With traditional clothing, specific techniques are used and followed, such as metal applique, silk embroidery, and paste- resist. Respecting traditions, Japana uses and transforms Japanese fabrics to best suit people’s contemporary lifestyles, making clothing more practical, light, and self-expressive.



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