Sharpening Service

 Sharpening service

Having our dear customers best interest in mind, Japana offers a sharpening service in the UK. Although we are an online shop, we offer sharpening service as we partnered with an experienced sharpening technician. If you don’t have time to sharpen your knives with the whetstones (the ones we offer are great for DIY sharpening!), you can simply send your knives to:
Japana Limited
65 Green Dragon Yard
E15NJ London 
Remember to send the package as trackable and provide us with the tracking number and invoice number as soon as you send it.

Once we receive the package, our experienced sharpening technician will hand-sharpen your beloved blades, and bring them back (within a max. 72 hours – though we try to sharpen and send them back the same day whenever possible) to their maximum potential – all on whetstones in the traditional Japanese way.

How to buy this service

Simply calculate the total inch length of all the knives you want to have sharpened. For example, if you are sending us 15 knives, 6-inch long each, you enter 90 in the product quantity field.
The fees include return shipping fee so you don’t need to pay anything extra.
We ask that you have a minimum of 15 knives for this service.
We charge £1.15 per inch of edge for this service – so an 8-inch cooks knife will cost £9.20 (incl. VAT) to bring back to its full glory.

Our remote service ensures that minimum grinding providing maximum life is used so that even heavily serrated knives maintain their edge profiles and work at their best.

You can purchase the service here: