Anryu Katsushige Santoku 165mm Hammered Aogami Clad


Available within 3-10 weeks.


Anryu makes his amazing knives in Takefu village. Knife making is in Anryu san’s blood. His family started as knives makers in the early 1870’s. He started apprenticing as a knife maker under his father, Katsutoshi Anryu, after graduating high school in 1959. He is a fourth generation knife maker and has been working as a blacksmith for well over 50 years. Amazing Anryu san is always striving to make better knives to please the cook using them. Katsushige Anryu is a blacksmith working in the storied knife making village of Takefu. Mr. Anryu has amassed over 50 years of experience which is evident in this 210mm gyuto from his hammered line. This Anryu Katsushige Hammered Aogami Clad Santoku have a great fit and finish. Anryu’s high performance grind, make this knife every bit the performer on the cutting board as well.


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2 reviews for Anryu Katsushige Santoku 165mm Hammered Aogami Clad

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Blade performance is superb, every bit as sharp as Aogami blue super, but no where near as tedious to sharpen. An excellent knife at an excellent price.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Anryu knives are so hard to buy that I feel very lucky that I finally was able to buy a knife that I was looking for. After using it for several weeks, I have realized why those knives are so highly demanded. I love my Anryu knife, it’s so damn good, sharp, feels fantastic in hand. It’s just perfect.

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