Kitayama #8000 Fine Grain Sharpening Stone With Nagura and Stand Cracked

£109.00 £59.00

Kitayama Fine Grain Sharpening Stone – #8000 is a superfinishing stone of the ultrafine abrasive used about # 8000 material high-purity alumina formulation. This beautiful whetstone comes with Nagura accessories. Fine and super fine (#3000-8000) stones will remove surface scratches created by the abrasive action of the medium stone and will polish the edge to a precision mirror-finish. A fine stone is absolutely essential to hone traditional Japanese blades.

Please note: This stone has a small crack at the edge due to light hit, however, it will serve you properly without any problem and you can glue the cracked part if you wish. The original price of this whetstone is 109 GBP

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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