Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Gyuto 240mm AUS10
Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Gyuto 240mm AUS10
Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Gyuto 240mm AUS10
Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Gyuto 210mm AUS10
Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Gyuto 240mm AUS10

Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Gyuto 240mm AUS10


This line is crafted out of a 45 layer hand hammered layered Damascus steel with a Swedish steel cutting core. These knives have a seriously sharp edge, excellent edge retention and a light-center balanced feel. Octagonal magnolia handles, which have been used for centuries in Japan, are comfortable in the hand and easy to grip even when wet. Each knife is hand sharpened to ensure maximum sharpness out of the box.

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Behind the Sakai Takayuki knives come a 600-year of knife making history by skilled craftsmen in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, in Japan. Since then, the excellent workmanship and technology that create these knives remain unchanged. Sakai Takayuki is one of the most well known and respected Japanese knife makers. Sakai is the most known region in Japana, from where more than 90% of Japanese-style knives come. Sakai’s knives are known for their excellent quality and superb performance. Sakai Takayuki combines beauty of design with functionality. Sakai Takayuki maintains the traditional skills of Sakai`s japanese knives and demonstrate the skills of world-class masters. Each knife is carefully finished by the craftsmen of Sakai Takayuki and you can be assured that the knife will perform right out of the box.

Sakai Takayuki offers a wide range of knives with different styles, using different steels and handles. Everyone will find something interesting. In our store, we have selected three great series of Sakai Takayuki knives: 33 layers Damascus, 45 layers Damascus and traditional 100% hand-made knives from Tokojou series. Each of them is different but all of them are of superb quality.

The amazing Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Gyuto 240mm is crafted out of a AUS10 stain-resistant core steel with magnolia handle attached do it. The core of the knife is made of hard Swedish steel and the outer layers of the blade are made of 45 layers Damascus finished with beautiful hammered pattern, which gives them an unique character and it reflects the beauty of traditional Damascus blades. Very hard core ensures excellent cutting properties and the outer layers of Damascus protect the core and give flexibility. HRC is 60 +/- 1 HRC.

Considering the specification of Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Gyuto 240mm AUS10 , this knife comes very affordable. You will certainly enjoy it.


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