Sasawashi Anti-Allergic Envelope Pillowcase


Made in Osaka, Japan, the Sasawashi textile is a naturally deodorising, hyper-absorbent blend of organic Kumazasa plant fibers, and is exclusive to the family-run company.  This anti-mildew, highly absorbent, deodorising bath mat has a texture that gently massages the feet as you step out of the bath. Best of all, the bottom is coated to stay put.
These pillowcases are naturally soft and comfortable. Also recommended for children and those with sensitive skin.

These pillowcases are an ideal gift for a wedding, or mothers’ day and fathers’ day.
Perfect to ensure a good night’s sleep.
Memory form pillows have a tendency to absorb heat, however pillowcases made with Sasawashi do not absorb heat, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Materials: Sasawashi fabric
Care:  Machine wash in a garment bag with similar colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Gentle spin dry.
Origin: Osaka, Japan

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Sasawashi fabric is made by blending two revered Japanese materials—yarns of Washi paper and the leaves of the kumazasa plant—to create a new super-fiber that retains the best properties of both. Washi is a unique paper, absorbent of both oil and water, used to control heat and UV rays in the summer. Kumazasa thrives through harsh winter weather.

Today, the Sasawashi company spins Kumazasa fibres into thread which can be woven into a variety of textiles that are light, lint-free and capable of absorbing twice as much moisture as cotton. In addition to being environmentally sustainable it has antibacterial and exfoliating properties—together, they make for a gentle yet hard-working cleansing cloth or towel.

The Sasawashi bathmat benefits from these natural absorbent, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial qualities. A highly practical bathroom accessory with a distinctively Japanese simplicity and beauty of form.

Natural woven textile with a non-slip backing and cream trim.

The Sasawashi range includes slippers, bath mitts and soap. See other products by clicking on the name of the brand.

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