Sukenari Damascus Kiritsuke Gyuto Ebony Handle ZDP189


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The Sukenari ZDP-189 Kiritsuke Gyuto is a high-end performer with jaw-dropping effect. ZDP-189 is the latest and greatest super-steel. The level of carbon is twice that of even high-carbon steel, resulting in the increased hardness and edge retention. The high chromium content not only makes this a true stainless steel, but adds additional strength and wear resistance. Sukenari has hardened these blades to an incredible 66-67 HRC. It means that this blade will get sharper, be ground thinner, take a thinner edge, and hold that edge for a surprisingly long time. The slight downside is that it’ll take a little bit longer to sharpen (count it in minutes, not hours).

No photos can give a true incredible look of this beautiful ZDP-189 and nickel damascus steel job. It might be tough to tell in pictures, but the damascus layers are highly-textured. This texture grabs light in awesome ways and has the added benefit of reducing food stiction. The entire blade has been polished to a full mirror. Even if you are a bad cook, you should still get this knife, so you can awe and make any of your guests to cook for you :).

This blade handle is finished with an extremely sought-after, high quality ebony. The handle is tall and thin, and feels balanced in the hand. All of this adds up to a easy-to-care-for stainless steel knife that performs like carbon steel but holds an edge even longer.

The best way to maintain the sharpness of the ZDP 189 blades is by using diamond rods with very light pressure. You can also use high end whetstones / waterstones from certified Japanese suppliers to maintain this blade.

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