Wooden Magnetic Knife Stand x Japana 36cm x 26cm


  • Holds up to 7 knives and other steel-made small kitchen utilities.
  • Hidden, strong neodymium magnets hold knives firmly without scratching.
  • Constructed of the highest quality wood. You can order version made with dark walnut or natural oak.
  • Allows the blades to be beautifully featured as part of your kitchen decor.
  • 13.5 x 10 inch (34 x 25cm) magnetic block surface area.
  • Made in Central Europe with a lifetime warranty.
  • Features beautifully engraved in wood minimalist Japana logotype – kamon (not shown in the example photo).
Wooden Magnetic Knife Stand x Japana 36cm x 26cm

This beautiful, minimalist yet sturdy magnetic knife block / stand x Japana is made of the highest quality wood – available in dark walnut and natural oak. Light angle and magnetised surface of this block allows knives to be held safely to it. In addition, placing or removing your knives from a knife block dulls the knives blades faster as they are constantly dragged along the lower inside lip area of the knife block slots.
Ps. Knives are not included (but you can always treat yourself with a new one here).

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2 reviews for Wooden Magnetic Knife Stand x Japana 36cm x 26cm

  1. Works like a charm! The stand arrived promptly and looks aesthetically pleasing – I love it. The magnets work very well – holding up very heavy knives like Deba.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’ve heard Japana is releasing this stand from their mailing list which I’m subscribed to. I was looking for exact thing for my Moritaka and Yu Kurosaki knives. I’ve had the knife holder for little over a week so longevity is still yet to be seen. However, I’m very happy I bought this as it it looks so good especially with a full knife set on display. The magnet is really strong; whatever you stick on there won’t slip or fall easily until force is applied so that’s a plus for holding stuff in place. Not the cheapest but but I know Japana is known for high quality handmade stuff, so expect to pay extra if you want something that lasts.

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