Yoshihiro Yamawaki Gyuto 240mm Hammered Damascus VG-10

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This beatiful Gyuto is a true masterpiece that has been manufactured with the utilization of Sakai Hamono’s knife making tradition with a Persian Damascus steel blade style with 16 layers of soft, stainless steel, the damascus blade has been used for the outer blade and the toughest V Gold-10 steel sandwiched for the core blade. The “hammer eye” embellishment has been integrated into the design to reflect the beauty of traditional damascus blades. VG-10 Hammered Damascus Gyuto Chef Knife is forged with a Western style curved blade that smoothly rocks back and forth with an extended tip for quick chopping.

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Sakai-made knives have more than 600 years of tradition originating from Persia – keeping their Damascus recipe forever alive and luxurious. Sakai knives are popular all around the world for their sharpness and usage sensation and excellent quality. Every knife from Yoshihiro is handcrafted by master artisans creating a unique one of a kind work of art, who are all fully devoted to their involvement in a traditional industry.

VG-10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus line from Yoshihiro, combines excellent performance, beauty of Japanese knives with western look and extraordinary value. You will be surprised by their ease of use. This is one of the most popular and affordable line of knives available in Japana store.

Yoshihiro Yamawaki Gyuto 240mm Hammered Damascus VG-10 with beautiful hammered pattern, all hand-finished by local forging blacksmiths. The hammered texture of the blade eliminates friction and keeps food from sticking to the blade. Forged and hammered with 16 layers of steel in the Damascus tradition with a VG-10 steel sandwiched for the core blade With a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 60. VG-10 steel is one of the strongest steels produced in Japan and is prized for its high edge retention. VG-10 type of steel is very easy to care for and to sharpen, which is very important especially for less experience users. The handle of this beautiful Yoshihiro Petty 135mm is made out of mahogany laminated plywood pattern, which is resistant to water. These knives feel as luxurious as they perform.

This beautiful Yoshihiro Yamawaki Gyuto 240mm Hammered Damascus VG-10 reflects beauty of traditional Japanese knives.

The Gyuto is a Japanese chef’s knife with a Western style curved blade that smoothly rocks. It is known as the most versatile and essential type of knife, that can be used for cutting meat, fish and vegetables, making it suitable for preparing many kinds of dishes.

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