“I like to make kitchen knives that move peoples hearts”, says Fujiwara Teruyasu the 4th generation blacksmith. Following a long tradition of smithing, Fujiwara San and co. create kitchen knives that can only be described as imperfectly perfect. The rough agricultural look and feel of the blades are offset by ridiculous sharpness that will put a smile on every hard core chef’s face. Fujiwara Teruyasu the 1st was a blacksmith in the Meiji period who started forging agricultural tools for farmers in 1870. His son was apprenticed to swordsmith Masahide Suishinshi of Seigendo at the age of 10. Fujiwara II made swords in Azabujuban until the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 before relocated to Himonya in Tokyo. Nine years later in 1932 Fujiwara kitchen knives were first forged. Fujiwara III continued the family tradition specialising primarily in traditional Japanese style kitchen knives (single bevel wabocho). Current generation Fujiwara IV, armed with the knowledge of his forefathers in forging, tempering and heat treating tools, knives and swords, created his own line of stainless clad carbon steel knives. They have a cult following with the chef community and culinary enthusiasts all over the world.


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