Naoki Mazaki San is a new generation blacksmith, located in Sanjo village, Niigata. He’s specialising in handcrafted kitchen knives. Despite his young age, he self-taught himself most of the craft to an excellent degree. Since few years he’s been training with Kato San to master heating techniques and geometry of the knives.

Some relate Mazaki’s San talent to Yu Kurosaki – another young generation blacksmith who now reached a status of a star among blacksmiths. This is due to Mazaki’s urge to experiment with new styles and techniques and creating amazing pieces which are not only aesthetically but also balance-wise done near to perfection. His knives characterise themselves with a very think and extra hard edges. All Mazaki knives are finished and sharpened on natural Japanese stones without hiding it with sandblasting or sander. They are prepared that way so it’s easier to think or sharpen in the future sharpening sessions.

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